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Project ID: 324
Author: Rajest Kanisetti
Project Title: Design and Implementation of a Text-to-Speech Extension for Internet Browser
Semester: 3 2009
Committe Chair: Dr Dulal Kar
Committee Member 1: Dr David Thomas
Committee Member 2: Dr Mario Garcia
Project Description: Internet browsers are common applications any computer user likes to work with irrespective of his computer knowledge. There are various third party tools available in the market that can attach to a browser application to change the actual display of a Webpage in accordance to the user requirement. This project is an effort to design a speech application, that can convert the text displayed by a browser to speech. It is a software tool that specifically attaches to Mozilla Internet browser as a plug-in. This software tool allows the user to select the text on the Webpage with the mouse. The selected text is provided as an input to the speech program that runs in the back end. The attached speech plug-in enables the speech program and converts the selected text into speech.
Project URL:   324.pdf