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Project ID: 330
Author: Anilkumar Nalluri
Project Title: Spatio-Aware Data Integration of Ocean Observatory Systems
Semester: 1 2009
Committe Chair: Dr Longzhuang Li
Committee Member 1: Dr Dulal C Kar
Committee Member 2: Dr David Thomas
Project Description: ABSTRACT The project implements the spatio-aware data integration of ocean observatory systems located all along the coast of Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Spatial features are important with respect to data integration in many research areas like ocean observation information analysis and environmental decision making. The GOM has been divided into economic zones and came to an agreement to form the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observatory System (GCOOS). To achieve this data integration, various data integration tools can be applied but they suffer from two major problems namely schema design and difficulty in extending the data sources. The developed data integration system not only facilitates data retrieval from the ocean observatory stations but also provides the spatial relevance of the various data sources using partonomic, distance, topological and directional relations. The developed system used Global-as-View approach which defines the concepts in the global schema as views over different sources, Gabriel graph algorithm, and a statistically proven simulation algorithm. The spatial features make the job of retrieving the data from the GOM a lot easier. The developed system is also feasible and easily extendible when adding new ocean observatory systems.
Project URL:   330.pdf