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Project ID: 332
Author: Hayford A Osei
Project Title: Remote Voice Computer Control Via PSTN
Semester: 1 2009
Committe Chair: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Committee Member 1: Dr. Dular Kar
Committee Member 2: Dr. John Fernandez
Project Description: The range of modern computing is continually being extended as result of accelerated developments in processing power, the roll out of high speed Internet and inter-networking. Many computer applications today rely heavily on the use of the Internet which in turn relies on existing and new telecommunications infrastructure to deliver services, thereby giving rise to remote computing. Remote computing, however, continues to be heavily dependent on textual input despite the existence and improvement in speech technology. Remote Voice Computer Command and Control is an application that relies on improvements in speech recognition engines, coupled with existing telecommunications infrastructure to provide the ability to connect to a computer and execute voice commands. This is intended to present an alternative, a backup mechanism to text based remote computing as we transition to full convergence network.
Project URL:   332.pdf