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Project ID: 333
Author: Swetha Pandala
Project Title: Modified Mobile Transmission Control Protocol
Semester: 2 2010
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal K
Committee Member 1: Dr. Hongyu Guo
Committee Member 2: Dr. Thomas David
Project Description: Advances in wireless communications have enabled access to the Internet for mobile users, but the enabling Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) involves mechanisms that lead to poor performance when used for mobile networks. Since the traditional TCP is tuned to perform well in wired networks and fixed node environments, its performance is depreciated in wireless networks thus causing many errors and disconnections. Much research has been done to improve TCP performance in wireless networks. Mobile Transmission Control Protocol (M-TCP) is an extension of TCP for mobile networks, which can support multimedia services over high bandwidth. The Snoop Protocol is a TCP protocol designed to improve the performance of TCP over networks that have both wired and wireless links. M-TCP and Snoop protocols are some of the improvements made earlier to the TCP to improve its performance over wireless networks. This research proposes a Modified Mobile Transmission Control Protocol to improve the performance of TCP connections when a mobile node uses the Internet services. This research proposes an algorithm and its implementation, as well as experimental data that suggest the usefulness of this approach.
Project URL:   333.pdf