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Project ID: 342
Author: Ryan A. Edwards
Project Title: Implementing Location Based Data Access and Visualizations With Mobile Devices
Semester: 3 2010
Committe Chair: Dr. Scott A. King
Committee Member 1: Dr. Gary Jeffress
Committee Member 2: Dr. Ahmed Mahdy
Project Description: The Conrad Blucher Institute (CBI) deploys and maintains a number of stations along the gulf coast which collect a wide range of data. The collected data is freely distributed and used for a variety of purposes such as forecast predictions, port navigation, tidal datums, and land surveys. Currently the data is accessed directly through the company website,, which is sufficient for typical browsing usage; however, given the distinctly mobile nature of the CBI's user base, providing an equally mobile method of data access is desired. In order to achieve this, a location aware application for the Palm Pre is created. The developed application uses common features of today's mobile devices (smart phones), such as GPS location services, to provide the most current data for the location the user is currently at along the Gulf Coast. In addition to the numerical data, visualizations are included which provide a different method of viewing the data. This mobile application introduces a new method of accessing the information gathered by the CBI, potentially providing increased exposure to the institute's efforts, and catering to the mobile nature of its user base.
Project URL:   342.pdf