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Project ID: 346
Author: Srilakshmi Erasani
Project Title: Implementation of Anti-Forensic Mechanisms and Testing with Forensic Methods
Semester: 1 2010
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Hongyu Guo
Committee Member 2: Dr. Longzhuang Li
Project Description: The world’s dependence on digitally saved information has been significantly affecting the system in which every person stores data. Many criminal activities like theft, espionage along with the people who commit them have taken distinctive approaches. Anti-Forensics is the use of tools, methods, and processes that obstruct the forensic retrieval of evidence. Being informed and understanding the goals and working models of anti-forensic tools, investigators can become better educated and more aware of the challenges and opportunities facing them, improving their success and continuing the advancement of the forensics industry. In this project, an investigation of the traditional anti forensic techniques is conducted such as erasing file systems, masking and disk wiping utilities by building an anti forensic prototype and also present a survey of few of the powerful anti forensic tools. In addition, a study on the technological and ethical challenges related to the mechanism of some of the many anti-forensic tools is conducted. Finally, a detailed analysis and evaluation is conducted on the effectiveness of anti forensic tools for defeating various computer forensic tools and present strategies for detection and countermeasures for future forensic investigation procedures.
Project URL:   346.pdf