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Project ID: 348
Author: Sandeep Aluvaka
Project Title: Implementation of a Steganalysis tool to detect
Semester: 1 2010
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Hongyu Guo
Committee Member 2: Dr. Longzhuang Li
Project Description: Wireless devices offer more advantages than their counterparts, wired devices. But these advantages are also coupled with some serious issues to the users of the devices. Due to the connectivity features of the wireless devices such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, these devices do not have strong security features as wired devices or networks. There are many unprotected wireless networks affecting the wireless devices thereby opening the doors for an attack by an attacker. It is very strenuous in an investigators point of view to detect the actual attacker. One such serious concern in the field of these devices is Steganography. The techniques used to counter attack steganography are Steganalysis techniques. Steganalysis is a process of understanding the present state of exploitation of the images, audio and video files, present tools and methods used in its detection, containment and examination. This project highlights testing with various forensic tools and procedures for forensic computing investigations that are able to effectively retrieve deleted files from wireless devices and handle the presence of steganography in the retrieved files.
Project URL:   348.pdf