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Project ID: 367
Project Title: Enhancing Forensic Investigation in Large Capacity Storage Devices using WEKA: A Data Mining Tool
Semester: 2 2011
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Hongyu Guo
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Data mining applications have been growing tremendously in today‟s world. One of the important applications of data mining is its usage in forensic investigation especially when a large amount of data is involved. This project explains why forensic tools such as Forensic Tool Kit and Pro Discover cannot be efficiently used when there is huge amount of data involved in various applications. The main focus of the project is to build a data mining system that can handle large sets of data and make forensic investigation efficient and less time consuming. For this purpose two important data mining tools namely Rapid Miner and Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (WEKA) are studied and the system uses WEKA to demonstrate the data mining methodology and thus retrieve data. The four steps of data mining methodology including Association, Classification, Clustering and Regression are demonstrated on a set of data. Later, data retrieval is also performed using Forensic tool Kit (FTK) and the results are compared. Retrieval of data is performed on storage device using data mining and compared to other forensic tools finally.
Project URL:   367.pdf