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Project ID: 383
Author: Farhath Fatima
Project Title: Detecting Database Attacks Using Computer Forensics Tools
Semester: 1 2011
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Longzhuang Li
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Database security has been an issue by itself. Unauthorized use, malware infections, disclosure of essential data, physical damage, data corruption are some of the complications faced when there is no proper security system involved in protection of the database. The main challenge is the identification of the data that has been corrupted. In these cases if a proper database forensic tool is applied it will help to save the threats and would solve some issues in security. This paper discusses about the selection of database and the usage of tools which are utilized by most of hackers to attack the database, it portrays the attacks through SQL injection tools, Havij and Sqlmap to take over the database through the application layer and later performing some commonly known attacks on the database. Forensic tools are used to determine the nature of attacks and breaches and also to determine if these tools are able to identify any kind of modifications to the database, through some popularly known forensic tools Pro Discover, FTK, IDEA and Sleuth Kit with Autopsy.
Project URL:   383.pdf