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Project ID: 386
Author: Nagarjuna Paleti
Project Title: Computing Optical Properties of Different Media using Hyperspectral Imaging System
Semester: 1 2011
Committe Chair: Dr. Ahmed Mahdy
Committee Member 1: Dr. Ruby Mehrubeoglu (Co-Chair)
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: The hyperspectral imaging system has the capability to collect spatial and spectral data in 3D form from samples in both reflection and transmission modes. The current software used with the existing lab-based system allows only data acquisition and control of acquisition parameters; a software interface is needed to compute unknown optical properties such as absorption and scattering coefficients for the analyzed samples. The Inverse Adding-Doubling method, which is implemented using the C programming language, has been widely used with the double integrating spheres optical system at single wavelengths when the light source is laser. The double integrating spheres system collects cumulative diffuse reflection and transmission data from samples. The hyperspectral imaging system provides additional spectral information when the incident light is a broadband source. In this project, the Inverse Adding-Doubling method is adapted and integrated for use on the data acquired by the hyperspectral imaging system to calculate selected unknown optical properties using a GUI environment. In addition, the developed GUI provides a user interface for interactively finding the unknown extrinsic optical properties such as reflection and transmission coefficients and anisotropy by using theories and methods such as Monte Carlo simulations, Mie Theory and the Adding-Doubling method, which are based on solving forward problems, and have been adapted for the HIS data.
Project URL:   386.pdf