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Project ID: 393
Author: Divya Tara Puvvula
Semester: 2 2012
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: With the growth of internet email services, spam has gained potential in creating enough trouble to email users by flooding user’s inbox. Efforts have been put in the direction of minimizing spam mails since several years. In light of this need, spam filters have come into existence. Several open source spam filters which are available online have come into existence but spam filters with best features only come at a cost. Basic versions of such filters have drawbacks that could be advantageous to spammers in having their spam mails to pass through these filters unnoticed. Also, commercial email providers have powerful spam filters implemented but these spam filters are not available online to be used by users on other email accounts. The users are therefore forced to pay cost to have spam filters that are effective enough in identifying spam. SpamKiller is an effective open source spam filter proposed that has selected unique features chosen from several online available spam filters. The proposed spam filter is a web based application wherein the user can login with any of the email user account credentials using which a connection is established with the email server. Several features like white listing, grey listing and blacklisting are implemented to make sure that the fetched mails from the email account are checked and redirected to user inbox or spam folder respectively. User is given utmost capability to customize the spam filter functioning as per user’s preferences. Every incoming mails subject and body is parsed to know about the genuineness of a mail. Through this document, a detailed illustration about the features and functionality of the spam filter implemented are discussed.
Project URL:   393.pdf