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Project ID: 397
Author: Ramchander Muddu
Project Title: Design and Implementation of a Monitoring System to Prevent Cheating in Online Test
Semester: 2 2012
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario A. Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Longzhuang Li
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Now-a-days, most of the activities of an organization, an industry and an individual person are performed online i.e., over the internet, as it saves time, money and provides convenience. Moreover, many advancements and the wide spread use of internet has contributed to the evolution of a wide range of applications. Online education, one of the major applications over the internet is being adopted by many educational centers. Online tests, exams and contests, a part in online education are not widely implemented due to lack of resources and security related issues. In the current project, an online test is being designed and implemented over the secure internet. Here, the online test is conducted irrespective of place and time. No examiner or proctor is present while the test is taken. The current project proposes an easy solution to the issue of security and cheating in online exams. In the current project, the online test is conducted safely over the internet by providing two functionalities, namely cryptography and cheat prevention. Cryptography is implemented to provide security to user details and online test data. Two cryptographic algorithms, namely RSA and DES are used. Cheating by the user is effectively prevented in the online test by using desktop, video and audio recording methods. USB ports disable functionality is provided to prevent a user from connecting external devices to a computer.
Project URL:   397.pdf