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Project ID: 405
Author: Ilker Okan Aker
Project Title: Towards an Enhanced Shopping Experience: Design and Implementation of a Location-Based Android App
Semester: 3 2012
Committe Chair: Dr. Ahmed Mahdy
Committee Member 1: Dr. Scott King
Committee Member 2: Dr. John Fernandez
Project Description: As technology improves, the world of mobile devices has been continuously progressing. Mobile devices are getting more powerful and functional, providing endless opportunities to create diverse applications in different domains, such as gaming, education, entertainment, health & fitness, transportation, and travel. iOS, Windows Mobile, RIM, and Android are currently the major operating systems used in smart phones. They represent more than 90% of the market. Among these mobile operating systems, Android tops the market with almost a 50% share as of 2012. Android is an open source mobile operating system that uses a Linux kernel. Even though the Android platform is fairly new, numerous applications spanning a wide array of different categories have already been developed for this operating system. This project presents a new location-based shopping application that, to the best of knowledge, has not been developed before. The developed application enhances the overall shopping experience on different levels by providing users with ongoing special deals, locating items of interest, finding the shortest route, and comparing prices with other online stores by scanning the barcode. Users of this app can select the preferred store among other settings. By using this app, users should be able to save time and effort spent on grocery shopping.
Project URL:   405.pdf