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Project ID: 409
Author: Anudeep R. Kandi
Project Title: Design and Implementation of a Tool to Help Computer Forensics Instructor to Demonstrate Common Data Hiding Techniques
Semester: 1 2012
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Dulal C. Kar
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Data is one of the most important asset of any organization. It must be kept protected and secure from unauthorized access. Data hiding is one of the best practiced techniques in the industry for business e-transactions and maintaining information security. There are different data hiding techniques available to secure data from the intruder or hacker. In this research an application is developed with the intension to hide data that consists of the proposed hybrid model ENHARM and existing techniques like Steganography, different encryption methodologies and disk encryption techniques. All the methodologies that include the proposed application and existing techniques in a single web application that provides easy user access. The proposed data hiding technique provides Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication. The approach used in the application is different from the existing techniques. The proposed model ENHARM is implemented by using the randomly generated 6X6 matrix and well known standard encryption algorithms like AES, blowfish, etc. to encrypt the plain text. The functionality of the ENHARM hybrid model is clearly described in the architecture presented later in this document. The data hiding application developed is user friendly and works efficiently. One of the main advantage of this project is that it can be used for faculty and students learning data hiding techniques.
Project URL:   409.pdf