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Project ID: 414
Author: Mohammed Kashifuddin Ansari
Project Title: Implementation of Web Service Atomic Transaction for Online Banking
Semester: 3 2013
Committe Chair: Dr. Ajay K. Katangur
Committee Member 1: Dr. Ahmed M. Mahdy
Committee Member 2: Dr. Scott A. King
Project Description: Web Service Atomic Transaction (WS-AT) is a standard used to implement dis- tributed processing over the internet. Trustworthy coordination of transactions is essential to ensure proper running of web services. The smooth running of web ser- vices in spite of some faults is possible with the implementation of Byzantine fault tolerance mechanisms. An online banking application has been implemented, where all the core services (activation, registration, completion and coordinator) are repli- cated and protected by the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance technique (PBFT). The banking application has three components (client, bank and coordinator), where each of these three perform certain set of actions like account creations, fund trans- fers, loan requests and grants, and many more. PBFT coupled with the two-phase commit protocol, have been incorporated into the banking service to ensure fault free atomic transactions. ii
Project URL:   414.pdf