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Project ID: 418
Author: Rajesh Kumar Srirangam
Project Title: Collection of Smartphone Functionalities: An Android Application
Semester: 1 2013
Committe Chair: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Committee Member 1: Dr. Ahmed Mahdy
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: The demand for mobile devices is increasing as more people rely on smartphones to stay connected and be productive while away from personal computers. Different operating systems such as Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows provide numerous applications, which provides various services on smartphones. Out of all these operating systems Android tops the smartphone market with almost 70% share due to its open nature that encourages developer community to develop various applications by using the open–source code [13]. This project presents a new application that provides all the smartphone functionalities such as Search, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Calculator, Screen Lock and Flashlight in a single application. These are the most commonly used functionalities on smart phones and a collection of these functionalities in a single application provides faster and better usage. It eliminates the user effort to move between various screens to access these functionalities.
Project URL:   418.pdf