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Project ID: 426
Author: Anuraag Reddy Muppidi
Project Title: An Android Application to Integrate and Secure Social Networks and Emails
Semester: 3 2014
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Scott A. King
Project Description: Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel which is currently developed by Google. It is an open source operating system developed primarily for mobile handheld devices such as touch screen smart phones, tablets, wrist gear etc and since 2013, Android devices have been outselling their competitors IOS, Windows and Blackberry. Social networking and the use of emails on mobile devices have also increased greatly over the past few years with the rise in the popularity of smart phones and mobile devices such as tablets, causing the need for special applications to be built to serve the demands of the public. OneNote application, for Android, has the most frequently used email and social media such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integrated under one roof. Generally, when a user logs in to his/her application on a smartphone, it stays logged in. The user has to logout from all the social apps to ensure security. It also provides various setting options. To further increase the security of the application from attackers, two-step verification is implemented. This report will detail the processes required in the application.
Project URL:   426.pdf