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Project ID: 427
Author: Haritha Devulapally
Project Title: Implementation of an Android Application to Help users Recover and/or Secure a Lost Phone
Semester: 3 2014
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario A. Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Scott A. King
Project Description: Smart phones are mobile phones with several advanced features. They are equivalent to pocket computers. Smart phones carry private data like personal and business contacts, messages, pictures, banking information etc. There are several security issues related to smart phones. Due to the ubiquity of smart phones, providing means to enhance the security becomes a crucial factor. It is important to have control over the smart phone even when users are away from the phone and hence be able to access it remotely. This prevents the danger of misuse of the sensitive information stored on the phone by unauthorized individuals to a good extent. As a part of controlling the phone remotely in cases where the phone is misplaced or lost, this application allows the user to lock the phone by sending a text message containing the secret code from another phone. The lock code of the phone can be changed and the logs can be erased. Also, the profile settings on the phone such as ring tone status can be changed from silent to vibrate or general and vice versa. This is useful in recovering a misplaced phone etc. When an unauthorized user tries to hack the secret code by sending many messages, the user will be blocked after a certain number of failed attempts and if the genuine owner of the phone forgets the code, he can recover it by sending a message. The application allows only the authorized user of the phone to change the settings related to the secret codes and remote assist features. This can be ensured by making the settings screen viewable only when a predefined number is dialed on the phone.
Project URL:   427.pdf