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Project ID: 435
Author: Shirisha Yellu
Project Title: A Secure Payment Modle Using Representational State Transfer (REST) Web service, Quick Response (QR) Code and Hash-Based Message Authentication Code (
Semester: 1 2014
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: With the improvement of living standards, stores are growing bigger with variety of available products. Therefore, building a simple, fast and convenient shopping guide system has become a concern for both merchants and customers. Security has become a major concern for the consumer providing credit card details. Major threats are reported at both onsite and online transactions. So it is important to create a system to establish secured payment method. Proposed system is the implementation of a secured operational model for mobile payment in which access control is based on Service-Oriented architecture. A consumer uses his/her mobile device to get authorization and generate a QR code as the payment certificate to pay for the products to purchase. Using REST web service for communication between different applications would help in instant messaging, which increase in performance of the system. User details are encrypted using HMAC encryption technique.
Project URL:   435.pdf