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Project ID: 444
Author: Sandeep Kanaparthi
Project Title: Calendar+ An Android Application to Manage Multiple Calendars
Semester: 2 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Committee Member 1: Dr. Dulal Kar
Project Description: Calendar+ is an android application which accesses the calendars of multiple users, for instance members of a family or staff in a particular department and will pull out the events from every calendar. Hence, everyone in the group can see others’ events on one screen in customized format. It also helps the user to create, edit, and delete events of his/her calendar. Additionally, this application will use an efficient strategy to update data only if there is any change in the events, making it faster. There are many other applications in the Play store but they cannot get rid of redundant events and reminders of events belonging to other users. This causes a lot of disturbance to the user. On the contrary, Calendar+ application will use an intelligent algorithm to compare the events in many ways based on the time, name, and place of event. Furthermore, this application will only generate reminders for the user events.
Project URL:   444.pdf