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Project ID: 447
Author: Anvesh Paidipala
Project Title: Doctor Patient Communication System – Android Application
Semester: 2 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Committee Member 1: Dr. Dulal Kar
Project Description: Doctor Patient Communication System (DPCS) is an Android app which sets up online communication between a doctor and a patient. This app is helpful to patients to ask questions and state their concerns to doctors regarding their health condition. This app will facilitate the patients to interact with doctors without making any physical appointments, but the patients are restricted to only one message per day before receiving a reply. If the patient gets a response from the corresponding doctor, the patient is allowed to send another message. In addition using this app, the patient can make an appointment to meet the doctor in clinic/hospital. DPCS app would also facilitate the patient’s pharmacy selection to pick up the medication. Similarly, this app is beneficial to doctors by providing the following functionalities: patient interaction through messaging, sending prescription to pharmacies, confirming appointments, information sharing with other doctors, and patient referrals. Unlike other similar kinds of apps in the android play store, DPCS has unique features such as issuing online prescription to patients, referring patients to a specialist, sending health tips to patients, and effectively, reducing the cost of customer service and providing a vital communication link between doctors and patients.
Project URL:   447.pdf