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Project ID: 449
Author: Rahul Potuganti
Project Title: Implementation of a Prototype for Secure Patients Document Retrieval
Semester: 2 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Web applications have become very popular nowadays because of its wide range of applications. These applications provide services in the cloud and other service oriented architectures. During the process, a lot of personal data or private data is being exposed which can be a threat. Data privacy for the users has become a very stimulating task. In order to preserve this privacy, the exchange of personal data over the internet should be reduced. To achieve this, the data should be stored securely in the database using the concept of web security with proper authentication. In this paper, a model has been simulated using a proxy server that acts as an intermediary to store the data securely in the database. The model consists of three web applications, namely the main server, proxy server and the database server. The information is transferred securely to the database via the proxy server. The input to the application will be a registration page where the registration details are taken. The details are encrypted by the main server and are given to the proxy server in the form of an XML string. Both the doctor and patient services are related to each other where a single doctor can have multiple patients. The retrieval mechanism here is based on the user authentication where unauthorized patients are not shown in the doctor. The next module in the project is that the doctor uploads a patient document to the patient and the patient can retrieve the file by downloading it or viewing it with a key that is provided by the doctor. The document is encrypted and decrypted using the key by the patient to view the data.
Project URL:   449.pdf