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Project ID: 450
Author: Pratyusha Katepally
Project Title: Security Scheme Implementation in Mobile Information-Centric Network
Semester: 2 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Dulal Kar
Project Description: In the modern era, one can never imagine the world without Mobiles and especially without internet service in them. Mobile internet usage is increasing rapidly. A user has many applications to download in the App stores. Using these mobile applications, users can easily get access and gather data or information from the web servers in Mobile Information Centric Networks (ICN). In ICN’s, the complete focus is on the content which is of the user’s interest and the users need not know from where the content is received or who carries the information. Security plays a major role in such scenarios. The producer of the content should be authenticated and also the content data should also be encrypted using some highly secure algorithms. A security scheme in the Mobile Information-Centric networks for secure data transfer is proposed which uses the concept of self-signed certificates created using open SSL toolkit. In client-server architecture, when the clients send a request to the server, the server sends a self-signed certificate which has a public key associated with it. The client obtains and verifies the public key from the self-signed certificate of the server and establishes a secure connection. Then the client tries to obtain the content in the server’s database using AES (Advanced encryption standard technique), thus achieving a secure data transfer between the client and the server.
Project URL:   450.pdf