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Project ID: 457
Author: Keerthi Reddy Muthyala
Project Title: Implementation of a Prototype for a Real-Time Monitoring, Detecting and Alarming System in Computer Networks
Semester: 2 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Network Security provides security to the network and thereby protecting it from different types of attacks occurring in the network, and it also monitors the operations performed on the network. It comprises certain policies that are handled by the main authorities of the network, to counteract and these authorities examine the illegal access, modification or denial of a computer network and its resources. Similarly, security checking is conducted on the network to assess the status of the network. This is a process of assessing the security of the network components in order to discover the vulnerabilities, before the attackers can exploit them. The main objective of the proposed system is finding the vulnerabilities and alarming the responsible entities, which is achieved with an open source software, “Snort” and a web application called Alarm System. Snort is a Network Intrusion Detection System that detects the threats or vulnerabilities existing in the system and also alerts the administrators. The results obtained from Snort are retrieved from the local host using Java language and are collected into MySQL database. The results are then executed by the Apache Tomcat server which is present in the developed alarm notify web application. The entire concept of the project is combining the Intrusion Detection System with the alarm system, so that the attacks detected by Snort are used by the administrator for sending an alert message to the responsible entities in the form of an email attachment.
Project URL:   457.pdf