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Project ID: 46
Author: Joseph P. Kmet
Project Title: Model for Determining the Appropriate Nutritional Formula for Patients with Varying Classes of Illness
Semester: Fall 1984
Committe Chair: Mr. A. Bush
Committee Member 1: Mr. R. Diersing
Committee Member 2: Mr. D. Perkins
Project Description: This project is an attempt to alleviate the errors in posting and inconsistencies between the transactions posted to the patient ledger and the daysheet. First, it does the file management of a data base of patients, including adding, deleting and changing a master "Index Ledger" file containing names and recall dates of all responsible billing persons (I.e., not all patients, as there may be more than one patient per family). This portion of the program uses a Shell sort to order the index. This Index Ledger serves as a directory with a one-to-one correspondence between each entry and its respective Ledger file. Secondly, the "Post Transaction" section of the program opens the patient Ledger file (named by the patient's last name plus three initials). A charge, payment or adjustment is posted and the balance is computed and saved. The third major portion of the program posts each transaction to the daysheet after it is posted to the ledger file, and computes daily, monthly and yearly totals and balances. In addition, the program can print the Master Ledger Index, the daysheet and the ledger files in statement form. The three file types used, Index file, Ledger File and Daysheet file are all opened as random files to allow for speed and ease in making changes.
Project URL:   046.pdf