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Project ID: 461
Author: Shivani Nuguru
Project Title: Simulating Packet Generation to Detect Problems in Computer Network Nodes and Routers
Semester: 2 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Troubleshooting a chain of networks is getting to be harder, yet organizations and authorities depend up on basic instruments, for example, ping and trace route to resolve the issues. Here, the proposed system is implemented which can test and debug the network path in a computerized and standardized manner by generating test packets to act upon every connection and also on every network processing rule in the network. This approach also detects functional problems and generates packets in an automatic way to evaluate performance and sets the guidelines in processing the packet between nodes. Periodically testing packets have to be sent, if any, flaws are detected, it brings out a special mechanisms to localize the fault. In computer networks, the proposed framework is used for automatic dynamic analysis. While transferring data, if there is any physical or software problems with the path, it leads to loss of data. With the help of the proposed system, there will be no loss of data and can minimize the cost of transferring. The proposed system makes use of Header Space Analysis framework [3] [5]. A Test packet selection algorithm is used for computing a small number of test packets which is used to test all the packet processing rules and also "Fault localization algorithm" is useful for pointing out the faulty rules and perform the end-to-end testing in the network path.
Project URL:   461.pdf