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Project ID: 462
Author: Divya Reddy Kunchala
Project Title: Applying Data Mining Techniques to Social Media Data for Analyzing the Student’s Learning Experience
Semester: 2 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Longzhuang Li
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Recently, social media is playing a vital role in social networking and sharing of data. Social media is favored by many users as it is available to millions of people without any limitations to share their opinions, educational learning experience and concerns via their status. Twitter API, twitter4j, is processed to search for the tweets based on the geo location. Student’s posts on social network gives us a better concern to take decision about the particular education system’s learning process of the system. Evaluating such data in social network is quite a challenging process. In the proposed system, there will be a workflow to mine the data which integrates both qualitative analysis and large scale data mining technique. Based on the different prominent themes tweets will be categorized into different groups. Naïve Bayes classifier will be implemented on mined data for qualitative analysis purpose to get the deeper understanding of the data. It uses multi label classification technique as each label falls into different categories and all the attributes are independent to each other. Label based measures will be taken to analyze the results and comparing them with the existing sentiment analysis technique.
Project URL:   462.pdf