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Project ID: 463
Author: Mohammed Kazim Hussain
Project Title: Android Application for Safety Awareness of Road Travelers
Semester: 2 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal Kar
Committee Member 1: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Project Description: Advancement of technology has made people to get things done on the go. Such is the case with mobile applications developed on various mobile operating systems. One application is the use of location based services which provides information about gas stations, places to visit, food outlets, etc. While travelling using a mobile phone, users share their location, photos and videos on social networking websites. In a similar way, drivers could share information with other drivers which could facilitate in saving of time, fuel and life. This android application would allow drivers to share information about traffic, road accidents and any important information based on the driving experience. The data shared by any driver is tagged onto particular location in a map and then displayed as a notification or marker with associated details on the application to all other drivers. The drivers can search for directions from a source to a destination address. If user has lost track from his/her directed path to destination address then user can get directions from current location using reroute option.
Project URL:   463.pdf