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Project ID: 469
Author: Madhav Vishva Prattipati
Project Title: A Web Application to Perform Secured Searches on Encrypted Data
Semester: 2 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: There is a lot of importance in today’s computer technology for data storage. For every small or big organization, a firm, a company or an agency will need a storage space to store their respective data or information being it files, messages, images, etc,. When there is a need for organizations to store their data, they will also want their data to be safe and secure. This gives rise to data confidentiality and encryption of data. The basic reason for encryption of data is to reduce the security and privacy risks on untrusted servers. For an instance, if a user wanted to retrieve certain words of a particular document or file, the answer to such a query was not known previously without the loss of data confidentiality. In this research, a solution to the problems of secured searching on encrypted data is implemented using the AES 128-bit.The system is encrypted using AES-128 bit encryption algorithm which has been declared the strongest among the other algorithms so far [20]. Encryption is done on text and numbers. A secured search scheme is implemented along with AES 128-bit encryption technique. The purpose of secured search scheme is to securely search for encrypted data meaning retrieving only requested data. Therefore, a system is designed in such a way that the ciphertext or the encrypted data stored on the untrusted server cannot learn anything about the plain text.
Project URL:   469.pdf