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Project ID: 472
Author: Prem Chander Racharla
Project Title: Temporal Lock for Android Applications
Semester: 3 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Committee Member 1: Dr. Dulal Kar
Project Description: Nowadays, smart devices are becoming ubiquitous. These devices have so many applications that are inbuilt, and user installed. The user is unaware of the time he or she spends on the particular application. Dependence on the applications constructs the user restriction capability weaker that results in the human uncontrollability towards these apps. The time restriction application helps the user to pick the apps from the list of applications present in the device and allows them to set a time limit on the usage of these apps over a twenty four hour period. After the time limit expires, the access over the application is denied, and the user needs approval to access the application again. As the user is an administrator, he or she can make it further accessible, but it acts as a reminder for him or her about the time of app usage that in turn makes continuous addiction reduced. This application also provides the time usage details of each app on the device. This application helps the user to manage time properly and contributes to avoid falling addicted to any particular app.
Project URL:   472.pdf