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Project ID: 480
Author: Rehan Faiz Mohammad
Project Title: Self-Captured Image Selection and Printing System
Semester: 1 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Ahmed Mahdy
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park (LBJNHP) located at Johnson City, Texas, which works from 8 AM to 5 PM year- round. The park has many historical sites, picnicking, nature, and wild life viewing. The historical places with notable features attract visitors to the park. Visitors are allowed to capture photographs, but due to the large dimensions of the historic places, the images do not get most of the background captured in the images clicked using mobile phones and other devices. To facilitate visitors to have good images as part of memories with attractive backgrounds, park authorities have planned to come up with photography system, which is a combination of hardware and software components. This not only helps the visitors to capture beautiful images, but also the organization to generate income by offering the captured images to visitors at some price. Since it is impossible to recruit photographers at every remarkable location and capture images, installing cameras at different locations to capture images with beautiful backgrounds would be a cost effective solution. The captured images at particular location using simple fixed remote controlled camera can be selected for printing by the users who used the system and intend to buy them. A software is a part of this system where the captured images can be viewed on any system in the network which has the software installed and is connected to the network. A piece of software is being developed considering the problems and inputs provided by LBJNHP, which consists of modules like self-capturing, Image selection, taking print orders and printing them for the iii visitors. This piece of software is not limited to LBJNHP but can also be used by anyone who wants to set up automatic photography system.
Project URL:   480.pdf