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Project ID: 485
Author: Fawwad Hussain Mohammed
Project Title: Implementation of a Prototype to illustrate the Usage of Web Data Mining in E-Commerce
Semester: 1 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal Kar
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Data mining has emerged from just an offshoot of simple database querying techniques to a full blown information science major in Computer science field. The primary purpose of data mining is to find useful information from a huge amount of data in order to apply the same in various applications. Web data mining is a fast growing field of data analytics and finds its usage in various applications. Web data mining involves secure collection of information from online web activity and putting it into implementation for business purposes. It involves navigating through thousands of web pages on the internet and gaining intelligence on the web URL patterns observed pertaining to desired business logic. Previously, the business trends were observed manually from the collection of data in the records. As the amount of data increases, the ability to discern useful data from the unnecessary data becomes difficult. Hence, Web Data Mining is of importance for business in today’s world. In this project, a prototype of an e-commerce web application has been implemented which makes the usage of web mining to improve the user experience of an e-commerce website. Using the application server log information, it enables the admin to determine the products they need to sell in order to maximize the profit ratio. They can also use these statistical information to determine various business performance indices such as the most popular product, the most viewed product, products viewed by category etc. In short, today business logic runs on catching user’s attention. This project makes an attempt to show how a business strategy can be converted into a business logic with the help of web data mining which can be used to reap benefits in the e-commerce domain.
Project URL:   485.pdf