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Project ID: 497
Author: Dung Le
Project Title: Building 3D Models from Depth Sensor
Semester: 1 2015
Committe Chair: Dr. Scott King
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Use of 3D models in a variety of fields has become commonplace in our daily life. However, constructing a 3D model can be quite expensive because it requires a 3D scanner. To avoid this cost, different approaches are used to create a 3D model by using sensors such as depth cameras or still cameras, or video camera. These methods cost time, especially for the environmental model because most cameras do not provide their position and orientation in the real world which is necessary information to merge data collected into one world from more than one location. Project Tango is a mobile device that carries multiple sensors which help to gather object data. In addition, this new device has support for getting the camera location. We present an approach to build a 3D model using Project Tango’s depth sensor. A camera (Tango project) which supports point cloud generation is used to collect the data from objects. Then, the data points are processed and modified to create a complete data set. After that, the geometry mesh of the collected data set is then created.
Project URL:   497.pdf