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Project ID: 503
Author: Latheesh Virupakshi
Project Title: An Android Application for College Library Systems
Semester: 1 2016
Committe Chair: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: In recent years, the android platform has gained popularity regarding its usability, availability, low-cost handsets and number of available applications. There are many built-in standard web services in android operating systems such as email, web browser, map application etc. This work presents the College Library Systems application on the android platform. Library systems are mainly used for providing resources such as books, articles, etc. The main objective of the application is to make the library resources accessible to users using android devices and makes the process of circulation easier. This application helps users to access the required resource information and query without librarians and personal computers, but through their mobile devices, which saves their time and also convenient to use. The application allows the user to reserve a book from any location. Allotment of books and the due date of borrowed books will be intimated by the application as a notification before the deadline. The application allows bookmarking certain pages of the book. It also provides information of geolocation of the user that helps in finding the book when it is lost or missed when a bookmark is added. Issuing of the book can be done by scanning the barcode of the book or by searching through the application which reduces most of the librarian’s effort. The list of issued books and statistics report helps librarians keep track of the library system. This project brings a new idea of approach which helps not only a user, but also the librarian of the library system.
Project URL:   503.pdf