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Project ID: 504
Author: Venkata Manthena
Project Title: Design and Implementation of Heuristic based Phishing Detection System Using Address, Abnormal, Domain and HTML&JavaScript features
Semester: 1 2016
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: In today’s world, the internet has brought a tremendous change in e-commerce aspect of people’s lives. However, it is prone to the wide variety of security attacks. One of the most vulnerable security threat which poses a problem to the internet users is phishing. Phishing is an attack made to steal the sensitive information of the users such as password, PIN, Social Security Number (SSN) etc., In a phishing attack, the attacker creates a fake website to make the users click it and steal the sensitive information of users. There are many ways to detect the phishing websites or phishing urls. Phishing websites contain multiple cues both in their content part as well as in browser-based security indicators. There are many solutions proposed by several researchers in which no single approach evolves as an effective method to detect phishing attacks. This paper focuses on the extracting the features which are then classified based on their effect within a website. The feature groups include address-bar related features, abnormal- based features, HTML – JavaScript based features and domain based features. For each url, identify the features from each group and if applicable, the intelligent phishing rules mining approach is applied to categorize whether a URL is phishy, suspicious or legitimate.
Project URL:   504.pdf