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Project ID: 505
Author: Suryakanthi Navuduri
Project Title: Design and Implementation of a Classroom Allocation System Prototype
Semester: 1 2016
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: In a university/school, it is essential for classes to be taught in suitable classrooms. That is, classrooms are expected to give the required computer systems, audio and video hardware, white board, projector equipment, air conditioner and interactive multimedia equipment alongside adequate space for all students who have enrolled for the class. Most universities/schools handle this allocation process with a manual procedure which involves the coordination which all the departmental representatives and staff from the Registration Office. Usually, the manual procedure like this gives way to various challenges and is inclined to mistakes. A better approach to reliably schedule classrooms is to utilize a computer assisted web-based system that will monitor all classrooms on campus taking into consideration the details about those rooms (their capacity) that can automatically recommend effective pairings (Course to classroom pairing) with the courses offered for a given semester. The efficiency will be judged in view of numerous variables, most important being that the extent of every room and its resources is utilized effectually. This project document the details and execution of a web-based system that helps the staff of any university to assign classrooms for a given semester. This system takes into consideration, the most essential elements such as the classroom size, course capacity, preferred building of a department.
Project URL:   505.pdf