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Project ID: 506
Author: Naveen Chada
Project Title: Web Application Security and Response System
Semester: 1 2016
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal Kar
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Web applications provide various economic, social, and cultural online services. The feasibility of the web applications made them an integral part of several thousand of people’s lives. Web applications store sensitive information like credit card details and passwords to render quick service to the user. But, lack of awareness, budget and implementation bugs make an organization to compromise on security, which in turn makes web applications vulnerable. The exploitation of these web application vulnerabilities can damage the reputation of the organization, incur a huge economic loss and in an extended case may even cost lives of people. According to the Cenzic 2013 report, 99% of web applications tested in 2012 showed vulnerability to attacks. This fact clearly shows the severity of the problem. In the context of ever growing security breaches, web application security is a need of the hour, a right of the genuine user of the web application and a responsibility of the web application developer. Web Application Security and Response System is a security tool to detect, prevent and respond to nine out of ten major web application attacks listed by OWASP. This System is a hybrid approach which integrates various techniques to detect and prevent nine major vulnerabilities of a web application. In addition to preventing, this tool will identify the risk level of each attack and rates it accordingly. Further, this tool responds to eradicate exploitation of the web application in multiple ways based on the determined severity of the attack.
Project URL:   506.pdf