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Project ID: 509
Author: Adel Alsulami
Project Title: Design an Implementation of a Mobile Application for Recording Students’ Attendance
Semester: 2 2017
Committe Chair: Dr. Ahmed Mahdy
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: The attendance is very important for any professor, manger, or organization to function. Attendance plays an important role not only for tracking but also for the performance of any individual over timed tasks. Attendance of students to lectures and exams make them successful in academics. The traditional approach for taking attendance is a professor calls student’s name and records attendance, or the student signs in when they attend the class or exam, and there is always a possibility for error. Also, the traditional approach takes time to take attendance of the students, especially when dealing with a large group of students. A simple application accessible to students on their mobile phones only working when they are in a classroom and only when the professor wants to get accurate results. Before the student get access to the app, there are two condition must be achieved. The two conditions are the class should be started by the professor, and the student should be in the class. The student location is related to the class location which is going to determine by the GPS when the student is in the class (the accuracy of GPS will be between five and twenty meters). If the student is out of the class, the student cannot attend himself even if the class has started. After the conditions are achieved, the student has to open the app and enter username and password. Then, if the student is really in the class, the student can get access to the camera. Also, the student can take a picture of his face, and then the picture will transfer automatically to the server. After that the professor can display the attendance from the professor’ page which be on website. This system will reduce the time taking the attendance and give more security for it.
Project URL:   509.pdf