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Project ID: 512
Author: Mayuri Gujja
Semester: 2 2017
Committe Chair: Dr. Ahmed Mahdy
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Collaboration among researchers from across the globe has increasingly become a key to successful research efforts. Such collaboration allows for more holistic visions and a farther impact and outreach. Finding the right collaborators from beyond an individual’s circle or institution can be challenging. A social networking site such as Facebook can be of use to connect with colleagues, however, researchers need a professional and a trusted application that is optimized for such collaboration purposes. A dedicated application would be a better idea so that the analysts can easily communicate with the experts and the fellow researchers to connect, and exchange the information. The usage of current social networking sites in the field of research is not that effective as the users of the social networking sites are not restricted to research in a specific field. This causes many unwanted posts from various users to show up where getting our required content is like groping in the dark. This clearly establishes the need to throw light on those specified articles we are looking for, on an independent platform. The objective of this project is to create a network for researchers allowing them to connect with potential collaborators based on areas of interest. This application is tentatively named as “Field Ring”. Field Ring is a platform for the posts and information only related to research area of user’s interest. It is a dedicated and secure android application for the investigators. This application allows the user to subscribe themselves to get recommendations to connect with the researchers who match their interest.
Project URL:   512.pdf