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Project ID: 514
Author: Sahana Alikanti
Semester: 2 2017
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal Kar
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: As a professor/employer in an institution, one would be busy most of the time with their personal works and responsibilities. Scheduling appointments for the people who would like to meet them seeking professional advice or help should not be an extra burden for them. Analyzing their schedule and providing appointments would be a time-consuming task. The main idea of this android application is to save them some time by scheduling the appointments automatically. This can be achieved by checking the Professor’s free/office hours when somebody requests an appointment. When a person requests an appointment, the employer (whom the person requested) will be notified about the request and once they approve, it will be automatically scheduled. This application can also check for appropriate time slots as requested by the user in special cases and approves his request. The main idea of this application is to save one’s time where he can request, post-pone or cancel an appointment by just a single click. If there is more than 5-minute delay (as we do not want to disturb all others just because of 2-3 min delay) in one appointment, all the users down the list whose appointments would be affected by this delay will be notified about the delay. This application also deals with priorities, for instance, if an appointment gets cancelled due to the prior appointment’s time-delay, the one will be given higher priority on the next day. It also manages to avoid time conflicts if two users are requesting appointment for the same time.
Project URL:   514.pdf