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Graduate Projects


Project ID: 515
Author: Smaran Aerramsetty
Project Title: Android Application Prototype for University Council of Student Organization Services
Semester: 2 2017
Committe Chair: Dr. Dulal Kar
Committee Member 1: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: Student Organizations are an important aspect for the development of an individual in any university. They provide the platform for the students to participate in extra-curricular activities. They enable the students to develop the essential life skills such as team-work, leadership and many more. To enhance these skills, universities have shown keen interest towards development of various student organizations and encouraged them by providing various funds for their events. Presence of numerous organizations takes a toll on the students as they must keep track of many events. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the students, organizers and university management to take care of various aspects of handling these organizations. Current trends involve in updating the information manually with the help of forms, mails or web-applications. Today’s challenge lies in having an easier access to all such tasks with the help of the latest technology in an effective and comfortable way. This challenge encourages us to develop a prototype of android application for the implementation of Student Organization Services. Our Android application is developed for the usage by the management, students and organizers. It can provide its users with quick updates via notifications. It is designed to create new events and meetings just by the click of a button. It can also handle many organizations related tasks such as event/meeting attendance, taking polls, adding member and many more.
Project URL:   515.pdf