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Project ID: 519
Author: Naveen Kumar Kolli Summer
Project Title: Implementation of Secure Payment Transaction using AES encryption with extended Visual Cryptography
Semester: 3 2017
Committe Chair: Dr. Mario Garcia
Committee Member 1: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Project Description: Web application security has become an important concern for every user. This project implements a secure transaction platform that helps users to make secure bank transactions. In the communication between bank and merchant, every time merchant must be verified to prevent fraudulent transactions. In this project, when a user requests a transaction from a bank, the bank generated one-time pass code (OTP) will be converted into a quick response (QR) code, a matrix barcode that allows quick access to URLs, among other uses. The QR code image is converted into two different shares using (2,2) scheme of visual cryptography. (2,2) scheme of visual cryptography is a technique in which two image shares are created out of one image. Image shares are components of the original image so that any one share (on its own) does not reveal anything about the original image. Only if you have all of the shares can you determine the secret image. One share is given to the merchant server with an advanced encryption standard (AES) encrypted image. Only the legitimate merchant server can access the share because the AES key is required to decrypt the share. Another share will be sent to the users registered email address. Both shares are overlaid to obtain the original QR code. QR code is scanned by the user to obtain the one time pass code. OTP is entered in the merchant server web page to complete the transaction. This project is an implementation of online fraud prevention using secure authentication process, visual cryptography, and encryption.
Project URL:   519.pdf