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Project ID: 532
Author: Akhil Reddy Kothapally
Project Title: Implementation of Efficient Similarity Search Algorithm for Spatiotemporal Scenarios
Semester: 2 2018
Committe Chair: Dr. Junfei Xie
Committee Member 1: Dr. Ajay Katangur
Project Description: The advance of sensing technology allows us to collect vast amount of spa- tiotemporal data that include both spatial and temporal information. To extract useful information from the data saved in the database so as to facilitate decision making, efficient query techniques are required. In this work, an efficient similarity search algorithm for spatiotemporal scenario data, which is a new data type, is re- viewed and implemented. This similarity search algorithm is prototyped in Matlab and implemented in Java for higher efficiency. Comparative simulation studies show the efficiency of the Java-based implementation.
Project URL:   532.pdf