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Project ID: 8
Author: Mei-Hua Isabel Kao
Project Title: A Computerized General Ledger Accounting System
Semester: Spring 1981
Committe Chair: Dr. William F. Blose
Committee Member 1: Dr. Roy Ellzey
Committee Member 2: Dr. Melvin H. McKinney
Project Description: In this project the General Ledger Accounting System is divided into seven sections. 1) Setup a Chart of Accounts 2) Editing Direct Postings 3) Merging Direct Posting file, Account Payable Posting file, Account Receivable Posting file, and Payroll Posting file 6) Updating Acct-Master file with Merged Posting file and writes a Posting Update Report. 7) Reporting: Generation of the Trial Balance Report, Income Statement Report, and Balance Sheet Report with Acct-Master file.
Project URL:   008.pdf