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Project ID: 95
Author: Laura H. Monette
Project Title: A Microcomputer Program for Interactive Decline Curve Analysis
Semester: Spring 1992
Committe Chair: Dr. Patrick Michaud
Committee Member 1: Dr. Herbert Haynes
Committee Member 2: Dr. David Thomas
Project Description: This project is an interactive graphics program that interfaces with a production history database for Legacy Exploration Inc., an oil and gas company. The primary feature of the graphics program is to produce a decline curve on the screen. A decline curve is historical production plotted versus time or cumulative production for an oil or gas well. The program user is able to analyze and extrapolat the curve to estimate future production. The program is menu driven. The user has the option to view the plot of one or more of the following (versus time or versus cumulative production) on a semilogarithmic scale: gas production, oil production, condensazte production, flowing tubing pressure, choke size, major product to water ratio, and minor to major product ratio. To facilitate analysis of past production, the program performs a least squares fit on past production data points. Using the result of the least squares fit, the program suggests a type of decline (exponential, hyperbolic, or harmonic) that best fits the historical production curve. The user is able to accept or override this suggestion. The user is able to make his or her own projection by entering appropriate parameters for one of the decline types. As the projected curve is formulated, the screen dislays the amount of reserves resulting from the projection. The user has the ability of storing the projected production in the database for future analyses.
Project URL:   095.pdf