COSC5336 Database Management Systems

Fall  2012

under construction and subject to changes

The Basics of Relational Databases


  2    Data Models                                                      Chapter 2 
  3    The Relational Database Model                          Chapter 3 
  4    Entity Relationship (E-R) Modeling                     Chapter 4 
  5    Normalization of Database Tables                       Chapter 5 
  6    Structured Query Language (SQL)                     Chapter 6
10    Distributed Dababase Management Systems       Chapter 10 
12    The Data Warehouse                                         Chapter 12

Data Integration: Past, Present and Future (Data Integration Projects World-Wide)

Overview of Data Integration (slides-1, slides-2)


       GAV (global as view)

1.      S. Chawathe et al. The TSIMMIS project: Integration of Heterogeneous Information Sources. In Proc. 10th Meeting of the Information Processing Society of Japan, 1994.

2.      H. Garcia-Molina, Y. Papakonstantinou, D. Quass, A. Rajaraman, Y. Sagiv, J. Ullman, V. Vassalos, and J.Widom. The TSIMMIS approach to mediation: Data models and Languages. Journal of Information Systems, 1997.

3.      M. Roth and P. Schwarz. Don't Scrap it, Wrap it! A Wrapper Architecture for Legacy Data Sources. VLDB 1997. Slides (Presentation)

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6.      S. Cluet, C. Delobel, J. Simeon, and K. Smaga. Your Mediators Need Data Conversion. In SIGMOD Conf. on Management of Data, 1998.

Slides (Presentation)

          LAV (local as view)


         Other Suggested reading:



1.      M. Friedman, A. Levy, and T. Millstein. Navigational Plans for Data Integration. In Proc. 16th National Conf. on AI, 1999. Slides



             BAV (both as view)

                1. P. McBrien and A. Poulovassilis. Data Integration by Bi-Directional Schema Transformation Rules. In ICDE 2003. Slides (Presentation)

                2. P. McBrien and A.Poulovassilis. Defining peer-to-peer data integration using both as view rules. In Proc. Workshop on Databases,

                         Information Systems and Peer-to-Peer Computing (at VLDB'03), 2003.


             Here is a very good survey on data integration.


Answering Queries Using Views Algorithms (Overview) (slides-1, slides-2, slides-3)

            Suggested reading:

                 1. A. Halevy. Answering Queries Using Views: A Survey, VLDB Journal, 2001.

                 2. O. M. Duschka, M. R. Genesereth, and A. Y. Levy. Recursive Query Plans for Data Integration. Journal of Logic Programming, 2000. Slides 


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Answering Queries Using Views Algorithms (Bucket Algorithm) (slides)

             Suggested reading:

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                  2. A. Halevy, Answering Queries Using Views: A Survey, VLDB Journal, 2001.


Answering Queries Using Views Algorithms (MiniCon Algorithm) (slides)

              Suggested reading:

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                   2. A. Halevy, Answering Queries Using Views: A Survey, VLDB Journal, 2001.


Limited Source Capabilities (slides)

           Suggested reading:

                  1. R. Yerneni, C. Li, H. Garcia-Molina, and J. D. Ullman. Computing Capabilities of Mediators. SIGMOD Conference 1999.

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      In Proc. PODS Conf., 1995. Slides (Presentation)

                  5. H. Garcia-Molina, W. Labio, and R. Yerneni. Capability-Sensitive Query Processing on Internet Sources, ICDE 1999. Slides (Presentation)


XML Data Model / Document Type Definition (DTD) (slides)


XPath / XQuery (slides-1, slides-2)


XML-Based Data Integration (slides)

        Suggested reading:

                1. B. Ludäscher, Y. Papakonstantinou, and P. Velikhov. Navigation-Driven Evaluation of Virtual Mediated Views. In EDBT 2000.

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Schemaless Data Integration (slides)

          Suggested reading:

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            2. T. Kirsten and E. Rahm. BioFuice: Mapping-Based Data Integration in Bioinformatics. In 3rd Int. Workshop on Data Integration in the Life Sciences

                      (DILS), 2006. (Slides)


Automatic Schema Matching and Data Cleaning (slides-1, slides-2)

Suggested reading:

1.            E. Rahm and P. A. Bernstein. A survey of approaches to automatic schema matching. VLDB J. 10(4): 334-350 (2001)

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Mediated Schema Generation and Normalization

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Web wrappers and form matching (slides)

Suggested reading:

1.      H. F. Laender, B. A. Ribeiro-Neto, A. S. da Silva, and J. S. Teixeira. A Brief Survey of Web Data Extraction Tools. SIGMOD Record 31(2): 84-93 (2002)  Juliana’s notes (?)

2.       V. Crescenzi, G. Mecca, and  M. P. Merialdo. RoadRunner: Towards Automatic Data Extraction from Large Web Sites. VLDB 2001. And if you’d like to play with the system, you can download it from


Peer-To-Peer Data Integration: (Slides, OWL)

Suggested reading:



1.      W. Nejdl, W. Siberski, and M. Sintek. EDUTELLA: A P2P Networking Infrastructure Based on RDF, in WWW 2002.

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PeerDB (Presenter: Michael Sheets):

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Hyperion (Presenter: Kien Tran):

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Piazza (Presenter: Hayford Osei):

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coDB (Presenter: Himabindu Katangur):

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SomeWhere (Presenter: gangaprasad gujjari):

1.      P. Adjiman, P. Chatalic, F. Goasdoué, M. Rousset, and L. Simon. Distributed Reasoning in a Peer-to-Peer Setting: Application to the Semantic Web. In Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Vol. 25, pages 269-314, 2006. (Slides)


                  Semantic Gossiping (Presenter: Anil Nalluri):

1.      K. Aberer, P. Cudre-Mauroux, and M. Hauswirth. A Framework for Semantic Gossiping. SIGOMD RECORD, 31(4), 2002. (Slides)




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SRB & iRORDS (SRB overview,  SRB Core Technology, iRODS Overview)


Dataspace (tutorial)

  1. M. Franklin, A. Halevy, and D. Maier. From Databases to Dataspaces: A New Abstraction for Information Management. In ACM SIGMOD Record, 2005.  (Slides)      
  2. X. Dong, A. Y. Halevy, and C. Yu: Data Integration with Uncertainties. In VLDB, 2007. (SLIDE)


Personal data management system  

  1. M. Salles, J. Dittrich, etc. iTrails: Pay-as-you-go Information Integration in Dataspaces, VLDB 2007. (slides)