Ed Proffitt

Ed Proffitt, Ph.D.

Professor of Life Sciences

Office: TH 139
Phone: 361-825-2358
Email: ed.proffitt@tamucc.edu
Website: https://edproffitt.wixsite.com/coastal-ecology


I am broadly interested in population and community dynamics of mainly intertidal and shallow subtidal plants and invertebrates. My lab focuses on interactions among species, ecological genetics (e.g., local adaptation, plasticity, connectivity, disturbance/stress effects and recovery), responses to climate change and environmental gradients, and using advanced multivariate statistical techniques (e.g., path analysis, structural equation modeling, Primer-E community analyses) to address theoretical and large spatial and temporal scale problems in ecology. Dynamics of invasive species in estuarine and coastal strand systems is another area of interest. Recent students in my lab have worked with seagrass, mangrove plants, oyster and other encrusting communities on red mangrove prop roots, salt marsh plants and crabs.